1. Teachers renting any equipment from Student and Teacher Solutions including but not limited to the Portable Planetarium must attend a User Session, the result of which will certify the teacher in the safe and proper use of the equipment.

       2. Equipment must be picked up and returned to the Student and Teacher Solutions location.

       3. The teacher's school is totally responsible for any damage or loss of any equipment rented from Student and Teacher Solutions. An agreement to that effect must be signed by the principal of the school where the equipment will be used.


Student and Teacher Solutions, LLC

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Conditions for Rental of Equipment
       1. The redo guarantee is for private sessions only. The improvement of knowledge after the session compared to the beginning of the session will be determined by an appropriate pre/post test.

       2. The redo will be good for only one additional session equal to the unsuccessful session in time and topic.
Redo Guarantee