Lecture Under the Stars
Presented by
Professor David G. Iadevaia
Pima College - East Campus Observatory
Tucson, AZ

William Hartmann, Ph.D.
   October 2007
Theory of Moon Formation
Peter Smith, Ph.D.
  November 2007
Phoenix Mars Lander
Trevor Weeks, Ph.D.
         March 2008
Gamma Ray Observations
Christopher Impey, Ph.D.
April 2008
William Boynton, Ph.D.
   October 2008
Phoenix Mars Lander
Professor David G. Iadevaia
Pima College - East Campus
Photos by Linda Proctor
   Christopher Corbally, Ph.D.,S.J.
     November 2008
High Energy Astronomy
Mark Giampapa, Ph.D.
March 2009
Solar Astronomy
The Lecture Under the Stars program was my attempt to run a series of public lectures given by local scientists in the field of astronomy. The lectures proved to be very successful. The idea was to have these world renowned scientists interact with the general public in an intimate venue. I have known some of them for many years and they were willing to participate in the program.