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Update 30 November 2019
Main Telescope 10 in SC
Additional Mounts for other Telescopes

Future astronomer

The Mobile Observatory (TMO) is a versatile facility ideal for public display or student projects.

It can be configured for digital image capture or live video.

A projection system allows for the display of the video image on an exterior 80 in screen...ideal for public activities.

Live lunar and solar video in both white light and H-alpha are possible.

Slit-less spectroscopy observation is also available.

Depending on the configuration the telescope can be controlled with a standard game controller...allowing the observer to "fly" over the Moon from the outside of TMO.

Ready to Roll

Rates for The Mobile Observatory visit:

$200 for the first hour each additional hour $150

Depending on your location there may travel expenses.

Contact by e-mail only: