The Current Night Sky at Ventana Shadows Observatory

Ventana Shadows Observatory is Professor David G. Iadevaia's private astronomical observatory located in Tucson, Az

                             current night sky over Tucson, AZ


                        360 SkyCam Image  by Prof. David G. Iadevaia,  Ph.D   C 2013                                                Sky map by AstroViewer®


You will notice two images. The one on the left is the image from my 360 SkyCam. It is my own construction of a 360 degree CCD camera used  to view the entire sky based on a 179 degree fisheye lens. This image may be current or from the previous night. The 360 SkyCam is now mounted at its permanent location. As you view the 360 SkyCam image North is up and East is to the left, South is down and West is on the right. The chart on the right is a skymap from AstroViewer identifying what the 360 SkyCam has captured. The magnitude limit at the zenith is 5.0. The image you see is as if you were looking at the sky from the location of the 360 SkyCam. There is a time/date stamp on that image. If you do not recognize the star patterns then the 360 SkyCam image is not current. The sky map is always current and shows the position of the stars at the time and date you clicked. For example if you clicked at 9:00 AM the star map will display the sky as it appears at 9:00 AM. Since the Sun is up and the sky is bright you will not be able see the stars...but they are there!

Update: 17 April 2013