It started with the arrival of a package that contained four notebooks written by Dr. Townsend-Brown and given to Professor Guido Galileo’s late uncle. On the cover of each of the notebooks was an odd symbol that keeps showing up in the most interesting places…from the Barry Goldwater Military Range in Arizona to the Intiwatana Stone at Machu Picchu in Peru. Professor Galileo and several of his students are on an adventure of a lifetime. They are trying to solve the mystery surrounding the work of Townsend-Brown before the men in dark suits can stop Dr. Galileo from revealing to the world the answer….an answer that will change our understanding of our past and how we move into the future. Come enjoy the thrill of discovery and danger with Dr. Guido Galileo, Elinor and his students as they experience the effect ‘of stranger things’ while traditional science is challenged by fringe science!

About the author:

David G. Iadevaia was born into a warm, loving Italian family in Providence, Rhode Island. He is an award winning (Tucson Trade Bureau 1984) Professor of Astronomy and Physics in Tucson, Arizona. He specializes in astronomical instrumentation and has done research in archaeoastronomy. He is a teacher at heart using traditional as well as non-traditional techniques. He designed the first online astronomy course complete with online telescopic viewing. His experiences span academia as well as industry where he worked with underwater sonar systems as an electronic engineering technician. Dr. Iadevaia has conducted eclipse trips to places as varied as Peru, India and Antigua. His research in archaeoastronomy has brought him to South America, Mexico and the American Southwest. He is a pilot and a sailor. He likes to tell people that he traded in his horizontal wings for vertical wings when he sold his plane to buy his dream boat Principessa. Professor Iadevaia has four grown, wonderful children and lives happily in Tucson with his lovely Linda, who is his best friend and the love of his life. Professor Iadevaia has been a fulltime faculty member of Pima College in Tucson for the past 23 years.

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ISBN 978-1-4343-3641-5 (sc)
Library of Congress Control Number: 2007908854
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Of Stranger Things
David G. Iadevaia