Astro Images

All images here taken with the EVO-6 SCT using Hyperstar-6.
Camera used was the ZWO ASI 178MC (FOV 3096x2080 pixels)
Processing with Deep Sky Stacker and finished with PS, Affinity or GIMP
This is the famous Crab Nebula, M 1
The Great Andromeda Galaxy
The Flame Nebula
The Orion Nebula
M 51 The Whirlpool Galaxy (FOV 640x480)
The Horsehead Nebula
Pleiades show the stars Atlas,Pleione
Alcyone and Merope
Pleiades showing the stars Alcyone, Merope Electra
Maia, Taygeta and Celaeno
Double Cluster

M 108 A Barred Spiral Galaxy (FOV 768x520)