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Summer Activities
Middle School Students

Several different science activities specifically designed for
Middle School aged students will be available this summer.

The activities will be 2 hours in length and the cost is
$35.00 per student per session.

Activities will be held on  Tuesday and Wednesday  each week 
starting on 1 June and ending on 30 June

Two sessions will be available each day:

Session 1 10:00 am to Noon

  Session 2 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Each session is limited to 4 students.


       1. Students will make and learn to use a a simple planisphere to locate stars and constellation in the night sky.
       The small scale planetarium will be used.

       2. Students will learn about the different types of telescopes.

       3.  Students will learn how to safely view the Sun using various techniques

       4. Students will observe the Sun in white light to see if any sunspots are present.

       5. Students will observe the Sun using a hydrogen alpha telescope. This will allow observation of the Sun's                chromosphere, a very active layer of its atmosphere.


       1. The student will learn about anaglyphs and make a simple 3D anaglyph drawing.

       2. The student will view various examples of the 3D anaglyph processes used in Mars satellite
       and rover images.

       3. The student will take left/right images using a digital camera.

       4. The student will use a computer program to import the left/right images into a computer and generate a 3D                anaglyph.

       5. The student will convert a favorite photo they will bring from home to a 3D anaglyph.


       1. The student will learn about the cause of earthquakes.

       2. The student will examine a simple seismograph and see how it works.

       3. The student will test several form structures to see the effect of resonance using a shake table.

       4. The student will build a scale model of a structure and using the shake table determine if it could withstand
       an earthquake.


       1. The student will learn how solar cells are made.

       2. The student will assemble simple series and parallel circuits using solar cells.

       3. The student will use solar cells to run an simple electric motor.

       4. The student will use the Iadevaia Solar Trainer apparatus to determine the energy output of a solar panel and                learn about the different components that make up a solar PV system..

Actual sessions offered will be determined by enrollment.

Register soon!

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