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Science On The Sea
Science On The Sea is a very special 2 day science experience for the highly motivated student. A combination of biology and physics in a marine setting will allow the participant to explore some of the techniques of marine biology and oceanography aboard S/V Principessa, Professor Iadevaia's 36 foot sailboat which he is donating the use of for this program. S/V Principessa is based on Mission Bay, San Diego, CA. What better type of vessel, than a sailboat, to use the wind as an alternative form of energy?

Using the power of the wind to experience Newton's Laws of motion as the vessel moves to the two data collection sites...the students will collect data to analyse the ocean's water at several depths.

An underwater imaging system will allow the students to see below the surface to uncover activity hidden by the ocean.

The Sun's energy is captured by S/V Principessa's solar panels to power some of the data collecting equipment. Participants will have an opportunity to study a working photovoltaic solar system onboard S/V Principessa.

Observation of aquatic life such as harbor seals, dolphins and maybe even a whale is possible.


The program is designed for ages 10 to 14 in good health with an interest in science. Students and their parents are responsible for transportation and hotel in San Diego. It is possible that this activity could be scheduled when a family would normally be visiting San Diego for a summer vacation thus not incurring additional expenses by incorporating the activity in the vacation.

The parents will bring the students to the Marina for a departure on Friday morning at 9:30 AM and return at 5:00 PM. Students will be picked up by their parent and brought back to the hotel.  Parents will return the students to the Marina on Saturday for day 2 of the program for a 9:30 AM departure. The students will be returned by 5:00 PM for the conclusion of the program and meet their parents at the Marina for return to the hotel.

The boat's computer has internet access and Skype available for communication with parents.

The program is limited to 5 or 6 students and three adults consisting of Professor Iadevaia, an assistant and a teacher.

Students must bring the following: sunscreen, hat, warm jacket, long sleeve shirt, pants, sneakers, swim suit, towel sea sick meds such as Bonine taken 2 hours before the student arrives at the marina.

We will supply all materials the student needs for the program, lunch for both days, water, soda and snacks.

Cost for the program is $350.00 per student.


Professor Iadevaia is an avid sailor who started sailing on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island 35 years ago. His sailing experience includes the ocean in the San Diego area, up the Southern California coast across to Catalina Island and in all types of weather conditions. The boat is equipped with all the required safety equipment as specified by the US Coast Guard as well as GPS, VHF radio and RADAR. The maximum distance from shore will be less than 6 miles. Students will at all times wear their life jackets and follow all safety procedures. Any student not following directions will be removed from the program. Safety is of the utmost concern and any violation of any safety protocol will not be tolerated. Students selected for the program and their parents must attend a one hour orientation class in Tucson prior to the weekend program. Parents must remain in San Diego while their child is participating in the program.