"Go See It"

The Science Belt Loop, Pin and Achievement Badge
From Professor Iadevaia at
Science and Teacher Solutions
It's Fun and Affordable

Custom designed activities to help your scout meet the science requirements for the various badges, pins and belt loops

Belt Loop and Science Pin:

-Interactive, hands on activities                
-Use simple machines
-Review the scientific method                
-Make a model or poster of the solar system
-Perform a simple science experiment                           
-Build models of atoms and molecules                        
-Complete an experiment
-Make a working electric motor
-Learn about solid, liquids and gases using water    

Webelo Scientist Badge Requirements

Experiments that:
Show the effects of atmospheric pressure
Show the effects of air pressure
Show the effects of water pressure
Explain center of gravity
Describe Newton's Laws of Motion
Describe an optical illusion

Cost: $50.00 for up to 10 scouts per one hour session.

Call today to reserve a time and date for your den.  This could be the most talked about "Go See It" of the year.


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